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The Drywall Buddy is the answer to the aches & pains that Hangers endure! 

Winners of the Local 2014 "Wiregrass Shark Tank!"

Dothan Eagle

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  • Designed to work with other drywall tools

  • Great for residential or commercial settings

  • Reduce Workers Comp claims

  • Weighs only 67 lbs
  • Reduce injuries & fatigue

  • Increase productivity

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Great in tight spaces

  • Like having an extra worker

  • Carries up to 350 lbs

Manufactured by Maha


How much is your body worth?  The Drywall Buddy is designed to reduce injury and fatigue when hanging drywall.  As essential in your toolkit as drywall benches and stilts.

We are proud to use Maha, USA for our Manufacturing.  Click here to learn more about Maha, USA.

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